Submissive Summer

Personal Info:

Submissive Summer is a gorgeous little thing – you’ll adore those big brown eyes looking up at you, patiently waiting for what you’re going to do next. The desire to please is at the core of whom Submissive Summer is – it is what drives her, and what draws her to follow your commands. But don’t worry, she is equally good at reading Masters and knowing what they want from her. When you’ve restrained her slender wrists and shackled her shapely ankles, she will relax into the restraints, only to test their security once…or twice. Satisfied she is now appropriately bound, Submissive Summer will attempt to contort herself for what you’ll want next. Take a step towards the rack of floggers, she will eagerly present her pert backside for your twirling pleasure; a slight side step to the canes will induce a wry smile in anticipation of what is to come.
Now that you know just how much Submissive Summer loves to please, consider what else is available to you. Would you like a slave for the afternoon? Perhaps to perform as your footrest whilst you relax, or to make you a beverage or give you a relaxing erotic massage? Submissive Summer adores being given tasks to perform, and loves when you appreciate her efforts to please you.