Professional Mistressing

We receive many calls and emails at the Kastle from ladies interested in finding out more about Professional Mistressing. The first thing I tell them is that it is NOT a career for everybody. Many are called and very few are chosen, for you must have both the skills and the passion for this type of work for you to be successful

The most important requirement for anyone considering Pro-Dom work as either a full- or part-time career is that they have a genuine interest in the BDSM scene. This is far more important than personal appearance. As far as looks go, it doesn’t really matter if a lady is well-built, thin, short, tall, blonde, brunette or redhead. Her age (as long as She is over 18) is also irrelevant … with some Dominas hitting their prime in their 40′s. Her sexual orientation and private arrangements are also not important … successful Dominas over the years at the Kastle have been gay, straight, bi, married, single, de-factos, single-mothers and (sometimes) up to three times divorced.

What matters is that once alone in the room with the client, that you can be completely dedicated to making their experience fulfilling, which means first being able to listen to and understand their interests, and then to have the skills to formulate a plan to bring about the scenario or experience they desire.

Apart from the possible financial rewards it is also imperative that an applicant gets other forms of satisfaction from the sessions She will conduct. Whether it is emotional or spiritual or even physical!! So much energy, output and giving is required from a Mistress that it is an impossible job to fake.

When interested ladies come to chat to me about Mistress work, I usually invite them to come back and join us for a day in a no-pressure, no-obligation environment, to see what goes on behind-the-scenes and decide if it is a direction worth pursuing. Ladies who wish to conduct sessions in The Kastle’s premises usually spend the day watching training videos, reading health and safety information, observing Mistresses in sessions, and generally orienting themselves in the operations of the Kastle.

Most successful Mistresses share certain personality traits and characteristics … they are invariably extremely intelligent, empathetic, drug and alcohol free, broadminded, creative, patient, people-persons with inquiring minds. If this sounds like you, and you are interested in knowing more about becoming a ‘service provider’ at the Kastle please email me at

Mistress Scarlett