Mistress Geneva

Personal Info:

Mistress Geneva is a wonderfully proportioned goddess who has recently joined the Kastle. A young brunette vixen she is as cute as pie and will tease you endlessly…but while engaging you with that cheeky grin, she will be preparing to bite at just the right moment, so BEWARE! Submitting to Mistress Geneva isn’t for the faint hearted – she will engage every one of your senses with her broad range of interests and well-honed skills. From sensory deprivation, to CBT, to discipline and role play, she delights in all kinky #SSC play! Mistress Geneva’s intuitive nature gives her the ability to know what’s required at just the right moment, whether that be a swift ball-busting kick or a gentle stroke of your hair as you grovel at her feet.
Perhaps your day-to-day life involves lots of responsibility, or you need to fulfill a particularly masculine role. The time you spend with Mistress Geneva can most certainly reset that balance for you in whichever way you choose. She adores forced feminization, happily turning you into the pretty little poppet you were always destined to be. Now, seeing as you’re all dolled up, should Mistress take you out and parade you around a little so everyone can see what a good little doll you are? Or perhaps Mistress should drench you in her golden nectar and have her way with you in the dungeon???
Mistress Geneva lives and breathes kink – she is always acquiring new skills and exploring any new fantasies that tickle her fancy. If there is something specific you would like – a particularly depraved fantasy or deeply held desire, don’t hesitate to get in touch. If it is safe, sane and consensual, Mistress Geneva will most certainly consider you.