Imagine yourself crushed between the Amazonian thighs of our powerful and undefeated wrestling champions in the dungeon at the Kastle. You will find yourself pressed into the overpowering flesh of women who delight in showing their total superiority over the weakling males who dare to challenge them. Worthless slaves find themselves gasping for breath and pleading pitifully to escape the complete power of Womanhood. Perhaps our Mistresses will demonstrate special wrestling techniques for you before they overpower you and torment you, shaming and sexually abusing you for your pathetic male weakness. Our Queens hold total power over the puny males who sacrifice their fighting strength with foolish little erections. They are so easy to defeat, and our Mistresses find it amusing to force them to their knees and make them admit their insignificance before the almighty power of the Goddess.

If you have the pathetic conviction that you may be worthy to challenge one of our Warrior Women, then call the Kastle and meet your pathetic fate!