We witness many exciting events at the Kastle. Behind closed dungeon doors the thrilling secret lives of Mistresses and slaves are played out away from prying eyes, with the most extreme forms of BDSM and sexual deviance practiced in complete privacy. That is of course unless there happens to be someone hiding in the closet, or peering through a keyhole, or hiding beneath a bed and quietly witnessing the debauched and degrading acts that a slave is made to endure at the hands of a Mistress or even a group of Mistresses. Sometimes the sensuous meeting of two lesbians is secretly admired by a well-hidden voyeur. You may at times have the feeling that eyes are upon YOU as you are exposed in your most humiliated state. Your Mistress can arrange for you to view a consented session, or for you to be watched by an audience of one or more. Can you feel those piercing eyes upon you, making you tremble with even more excitement as you serve as the object of someone else’s perverse fantasy or most secret kink?

To view or be viewed at one of our exciting sessions, contact The Kastle.