Our Mistresses are experts in Torture, from very light teasing to extreme, excruciating and prolonged pain. Of course we will establish absolute trust before we exert our absolute control and offer you a Safe Word. We will discuss your experience and desires, but once we agree on your level and ability to withstand pain you will be completely at the mercy of your Mistress Embarking on This experience will test your capacity for pain and your mental and physical endurance in the pursuit of your absolute fulfilment.

We may begin with fingernails on soft, vulnerable flesh and move on to crushing, pinching pegs and severely biting alligator clips. Perhaps our electrical devices will be affixed to your body or your exquisitely sensitive genitals, or our invasive catheters be used to humiliate you and push you to your limits. Even the most experienced will shiver and whimper once their session begins and they suddenly comprehend what it means to have placed themselves in the hands of our most cruel and sadistic Mistresses, where their suffering and screams will only arouse their Mistress to make the punishment even more intense. Your nipples will be teased or cruelly tortured in the most imaginative ways, while whips and castration rings will make your face whiten with fear, as you look upon the instruments you will be compelled to endure. But there will be no mercy until you have fulfilled your quota of pain, until you have felt the scarlet fingernails raking across your most tender flesh, until you have counted the appropriate number of strokes from your Mistress’s cane.

For if you are seeking true torture you do not want mercy – you want to be free to scream and struggle under a pain you cannot endure yet have the torture continue (consensual consent). That scream of desperation and pleading is the voice you can express nowhere else, and that freedom, to scream helplessly and incoherently yet be ignored, to have the torture that you are so driven to seek and so badly need not be withdrawn – that is a liberation that you can realise, in safety, only Here at the Kastle. Our professional Mistresses are knowledgeable and expert in the genuine limitations of BDSM play, the dividing line between hurt and harm, and only Mistresses with their level of experience can combine their insight into the submissive mind with a definitive understanding of how far even the most hard-core submissive can go.  The deep trust that you have established with your Mistress, and Her skills and experience, are your only reliable means of seeking the most extreme experience of torture while ensuring a safe return, so that you may renew your journey the next time you visit the dungeon at the Kastle.

If your fantasy is to be truly tortured beyond your endurance until you are helplessly screaming before your tormentor and perhaps the other Kastle Mistresses, to be a true victim in a dark dungeon or as a public spectacle before a cheering mob that will delight as your torturer inflicts even the most unspeakable suffering, to be naked and helpless amid pain and struggle so intense that you are driven outside your own body, becoming yourself an onlooker to an experience that though very real is unimaginable, we invite you to enter the Kastle, the only environment equipped to make this dream both safe, and real.