Submissive Sessions

The Kastle is home to feminine submissives who yearn to obey and please both Master and Mistress, to undergo torment or extreme sexual abuse at their pleasure, to be their plaything and their slave, to submit and to serve.

Pleasing Pussycats

Our sweet pussycats purr with pleasure when their Masters are happy, arcing their naked bodies in paroxysms of physical joy they feel while catering to Master’s every whim with total devotion. They can be soft and sexy, pink and pure and always totally feminine. They love to model their pretty dresses for you and pose provocatively in the skimpiest outfits or slip out of them into no outfits at all. Your every desire will be satisfied and your every perverse fantasy will be fulfilled by these seemingly innocent pleasure kittens.

Naughty Schoolgirls

The Kastle has some very bad girls who must be disciplined for their wicked thoughts and even more wicked deeds. Headstrong and rebellious, they must be taught to submit and surrender, to have their wills broken and then be trained to accept their role as Master’s humble slave. Physical taming and behaviour modification are special ways to humiliate these unruly bottoms, but they may require stricter discipline and chastisement, to be bound and tormented as penance for their wicked ways, and to perform all manner of sexual service in order to make up for their inexcusable insubordination to Master.

Humiliated Hussies

Our hussies understand that they deserve to be severely punished and publicly humiliated for their impudent and immoral behaviour, whipped and flogged as punishment, or bound nude and placed on display to exhibit their disgrace and shame. Discipline and bondage are extremely suitable methods to demean and degrade these shamefully proud submissives. Perhaps as their Master you will compel them to perform vile acts of self-gratification in public as the penalty for taking these forbidden liberties in private, or require them to stand in the public square and shout their perversions and sinful acts as humiliation before the Kastle’s Mistresses, before compelling them to perform unspeakably perverse acts of sexual submission and surrender despite their unworthiness to even appear in your presence.

Bound Beauties

Like fairies or angels trapped between the pages of a book, or floral specimens of delicate and beautiful petals, these submissives may be captured and bound in the most intricate webs and posed in the most exciting positions imaginable, with their womanly beauty completely exposed and displayed to be viewed and touched and carefully explored at your leisure. These fillies may be flighty and hard to capture and control so a stern Master who knows how to rig his ropes tight and taut may be required to trap them in bondage where they may be tamed and shamelessly used to your extreme sexual pleasure. Show us your talent with knots and bindings, show us how you may spread wide the beauty of the most gorgeous and glamorous of women, and you will be rewarded with a range of beautiful bodies to show your rigging skills and sexual potency, and fulfil your every kink, whim and fetish.

Sex Slaves

These submissives exist almost exclusively to perform the most obscene and perverted sexual services for Master, to offer their oral, anal and genital orifices to be penetrated repeatedly, their faces and bodies for Master to spray his essence; to use their mouths and tongues to pleasure Master’s every inch, and to otherwise accommodate any sexual demand made by Master no matter how kinky, bizarre, or degrading it may be. Teach our sex slave sluts that their bodies are merely warm, wet flesh to please the Master’s sexual organs, their breasts to he handled and licked, or tied together for Master to thrust between, that their beauty exists merely to arouse Master to a state where he may ravage their nude bodies unmercifully. The Kastle possesses all the tools of sexual subjugation, as well as the toys and devices that these sex slaves may use to enhance Master’s pleasure even further. Should any of these slaves balk at even the most disgusting and degrading sexual service, they may be bound and tormented, flogged and chastised until their total obedience and surrender is assured. Place these sluts in spreader bars to throw them open wide for your access, drive into them until they whimper and moan with the pleasure of their shattering climaxes, force orgasms out of them using our extensive collection of vibrators and dildos. Use their bodies to serve your every sexual need, deviant desire and perverted fetish.

Heavy Subs

For those Masters who believe that some women require firm discipline to learn the error of their ways, these submissives are equipped to suffer the heaviest of punishments and most painful of torments. Tie them to the cross in the top red dungeon or the pole in the intimate black dungeon and flog them without mercy; place clamps and weights on their nipples to teach them the sin of pride in their firm breasts, or use pegs and didoes to torment their female sex; stretch them on the rack or suspend them until they are spread as wide as possible in disgrace and humiliation, vulnerable to well-deserved rape and anal invasion. Force them to their knees in supplication and subject them to golden showers as a sign of their degradation and lowly place in life . These submissives serve the single purpose of taking the heaviest of punishments on behalf of sinful women everywhere, whores and sluts the world over; they may be tortured until they are broken and their total obedience has been obtained, and they are able to serve Master with absolute devotion. Then Master may subject these submissives to the intensive and extreme sexual slavery and servitude that it is His right to demand.