Slave for the day

This is your opportunity to spend an extended length of time being used and abused by the beautiful and talented Mistresses of The Kastle. Your stay will be tailored to suit your interests and those of the Mistresses in-house on the day, and may include personal service, assisting in sessions with other clients, being used during training workshops, washing the Mistresses’ clothing, ironing, cooking, shopping, housework, giving foot and body massages, gardening, handiwork, driving, as well as dungeon time and other duties by arrangement.

By dungeon time, we mean that this is also your opportunity to be humiliatingly exposed, on public display, bound in bondage or racked, group-groped by the Mistresses or left alone where you may lose complete track of when your session will end, your shame threatening to extend into infinity …

Both full and half-day stays can be arranged. The rate is $100 per hour.