Sissy maids

Our Mistresses delight in ensuring total obedience, docile submissiveness and perfectly feminized slavery for sissy boys. Strict training regimes include all of the feminine wiles and devotions that a well-trained sissy must know. Tea service, dusting, panty slavery, make-up application, feminine hygiene, care of nylons and walking in extremely high heels are all pursued with the enthusiasm that only a demanding Mistress can provide.

Sissy maids may be required to accompany Mistress to major department stores to be fitted with suitably pink and girlish training bras, panties and other sensual feminine items essential to the proper training of the sissy. For the devoted sissy maid there are many rewards.

Accomplished sissies will be expected to be baby smooth, to be bathed in warm perfumed baths and to learn to wiggle their little bottoms most girlishly. Domestic training and formal service is taught and woe to the foolish sissy maid who has not learned to straighten their seamed stockings or curtsy properly upon entering the presence of their Mistress. The Kastle sissies will find themselves completely transformed and beautifully trained. An asset to any dominant Mistress, wife or employer.

If sissies require medical intervention, forced feminization or humiliation this will be arranged. Every cross-dressing adventure is provided and excitedly enjoyed at The Kastle.