Public humiliation

Perhaps you will be taken into the lingerie department of a major store so that the Sales Ladies can witness your disgusting fetish for wearing ladies panties. Or you may be forced to model the latest high heel fashions for the amusement of the gathered shoppers and female shop assistants. Perhaps you will find yourself exposed and tied naked to a post for the amusement of the Mistresses of The Kastle and their girlfriends, or perhaps you will be forced to confess your disgusting masturbation habits to an attentive audience and exhibit your most common technique. Occasionally Tradesmen will come across a poor victim bound and gagged, face painted and bewigged, writhing on the floor in red-faced embarrassment at his exposure. Our poor cleaning lady has had Her eyes opened by a demonstration of proper high heel worship by one of our slaves, amongst other things! The halls of The Kastle ring with the shrieking laughter of Mistresses as they witness the total humiliation of the poor wretches thrown before them.

You will be exposed to the world in your humiliated state when you visit the Kastle.