Do you require the harshest of examinations or the most considerate tests and probes to determine if you are a fit specimen? Our skilled staff provide the most thorough internal examinations, reflexive investigations, diagnosis and tests of proper and improper bodily functions. Our skilled practitioners can arrange feminisation surgery whereby the flaccid male penis is held between the superfluous testicles while the skin of the scrotum is closed over the top. This simple technique ensures that the feminised slave can assume the proper female appearance. Our expert staff also undertake demanding full-body physical inspections to ensure that subjects are led down the road to the peak of physical performance. Good health may also require the forced elimination of bodily wastes with a variety of methods and cleansing techniques, such as the health-giving enema, and by the control of male functions through the use of catheterisation techniques and anal probes. Patients may also find a saucy nurse taking their medical history and the required semen sample.

To book an examination, appointment or procedures please contact the doctors and nurses of The Kastle Klinic.