Lesbian doubles

Have you ever wondered about the secret intimate details of lesbian love? Imagine sweet, soft, womanly flesh exposed to the adoring touch and soft wetness of another woman. You will hear the whispered murmurings of demand and feminine whimpers of passion as firm breasts and erect nipples respond to the knowing touch of those who understand. Watch as they mount one another in the full throes of ecstatic lesbian love. You will see the secret methods of lesbian intercourse and the toys they play with as they pleasure one another’s responsive and hungry bodies. Perhaps, unbeknownst to them, you will be a secret admirer witnessing their love rites, or perhaps you will be tormented and bound before them, unable to respond to the lovemaking they tauntingly display for you. Perhaps you will simply demand that they pleasure each other for your amusement. At The Kastle all will be revealed.