Be afraid. Beware. Be careful because our Mistresses may decide to kidnap you, seizing you from your place of work, a crowded shopping centre, an anonymous taxi, or even as you are sitting quietly in The Kastle. You will be immediately subdued and stripped of your clothing, gagged, blindfolded, and handcuffed, completely at the mercy of your captors. You will be interrogated endlessly, and relentlessly tortured until you provide a suitable answer. Perhaps a jilted lover will seek Her revenge upon you, or a group of Female Supremacists or wicked Mistresses will band together to show the weakling male his true inferiority, perhaps through a prolonged group flogging or cage confinement to the taunting ridicule of the powerful women who rendered him helpless. Left bound and blindfolded, you may hear the clicking high heels of your captors as they pace up and down, discussing the next torture and indignity to inflict upon you.  Whatever choice they make you will hear their heels as they come toward you and you will know that your torture is inevitable, because the Kastle is safe and secure and its victims never escape the dungeon or its torments.