Forced feminization

Our Mistresses love nothing more than to reduce a foolish male to a shivering, quivering, feminised and humiliated sissy, who begs for pretty panties to cover his miserable male emblem, and obediently cups his tiny breasts as they are forced into a training bra. Perhaps you will be publicly humiliated and find yourself at the cosmetics counter asking the scornful Sales lady for blusher and lipstick samples as your amused Mistress laughs at your predicament. Perhaps you will find yourself obediently shaving or waxing the hair from your body and practicing your most lisping, sissified phrases and simpering smiles as you curtsy, prettily lifting your petticoats as you greet your Mistress and the other Kastle Mistresses, who may be invited to inspect you.

Your Mistress loves perfumed pantied sissies, and tarty whorish sluts and She knows every trick and method to ensure obedience and complete devotion, how to remove all male mannerisms and weakness from even the most masculine in appearance. Your change may require medical intervention coupled with exposure and humiliation but you WILL be transformed and feminised beyond your wildest fears and dreams!

Every cross-dressing adventure is provided and excitedly enjoyed at The Kastle.