The Kastle is Sydney’s foremost stable for fine stallions and colts in need of training, and mares and fillies fated to be mounted for breeding. Suitable beasts will be captured and tamed by our Equestrian Mistresses using our patented Genital Aversive & Invasive Training (GAIT), where the penis and testicles of colts and stallions and the receiving parts of mares and fillies are positioned to be always on display and subjected to the liberal application of severe punishment in order to obtain desired behaviours. We are liberal in our use of the whip and crop and escalating genital torment of beasts that fail to prance, trot and canter gaily on command.

While our Equestrian Mistresses may begin training with repeated strokes of the crop to the bare rump of enrolled animals, we have found that the testicles of the majority of colts and stallions require tight bondage and discipline or crushing to achieve optimal results, while the receiving parts of mares and fillies may require insertion of electrical devices or training dildoes. Years of experience have taught us that the most recalcitrant beasts require repeated direct shocks to their penis and testicles to break their spirits and obtain proper obedience.

Suitable beasts will be thus broken and bridled by our experienced Wranglers, saddled and ridden. If repeated genital shocks on their breeding parts fail to tame the most incorrigible stallions, then our Equestrian Mistresses can arrange a proper gelding ceremony where their proud testicles are removed, and perhaps preserved and provided to their Owners, who may always be assured that a suitably tractable, chastised, and if necessary, castrated animal has been returned, fit for M’Lady’s saddle excursions and for the frequent whippings the Kastle’s Equestrian Mistresses recommend to ensure that training is maintained.

Fertile mares are matched and mounted by carefully selected breeding stallions. Artificial insemination can be arranged where a guaranteed service is required (including observation by several consulting professionals and or Mistresses if a difficult case). Qualified Examiners conduct frequent veterinary inspections to check for proper conformation. These include close physical inspection of the breeding parts of stallions and mares to ensure proper function before mating will be permitted.

The Kastle is a Royal Keep and so its stables are clean, with water and chaff provided. All beasts are suitably bridled and saddled, and genitals suitably exposed, before GAIT commences.