True Domination goes beyond submission to the complete mental and physical surrender, the enslavement of identity and body to Mistress’s absolute control. She will demand your complete subservience and total devotion, commanding you to crawl across the floor, eyes averted because of your lowly station; She will bind you to Her every demanding wish and whim and you will submit to Her power completely and utterly. She will tame and control you, subjugate and abuse you and you will writhe at Her feet begging for release from your chains and bindings. You will be shamed and humiliated, displayed and exposed, paraded and ridiculed, disgraced and degraded, and you will love it!

You may be blindfolded and gagged so that you exist only as an object to be tortured and tormented; yet you will beg for the whip in the hope that you may be permitted to see the pleasure in Her eyes. This mercy will only be given when your total subjection has been achieved, once you have been driven to the centre of your fears only to find no pity, no sympathy in Her icy heart; once you have been transformed through pain and subjugation, shame and despair to the complete release of true slavery and the abandonment of hope. Mistress will recognize that moment, when though the pain may be intolerable and the disgrace unbearable, you cease to struggle, cease to battle against your bonds, cease any attempts at escape, and arrive at total acceptance of your status, and Her total control of your breath, your sight, your sound, your essence, your being.

Only then may you be permitted to crawl across the floor, eyes down, where your Mistress may allow your slave tongue to caress and worship the smooth and shiny leather of Her stiletto heel. Only then may you be granted the opportunity to worship the body that your tongue is unworthy to touch, to look into the eyes that see through you, for “you” no longer exists; all that will remain is a disgraced, subservient slave who will never escape the truth and reality of your complete domination in the dungeon at The Kastle.