Cross dressing

At the Kastle we know how to discover the femininity within the male; how to drape your form in luxurious, sensuous satins and silks or dramatic evening and daywear, and to provide fabulous makeovers, with the time and privacy to savour all the many sensual moods and passions of the created Woman. Whether your true identity is sweet and demure, professional and efficient, glamorous goddess, brazenly sluttish or encompasses some other kink you will be made into the realized embodiment of that female form. Sympathetic girlfriends will help you dress in your prettiest style and share talk and gossip about lipstick and perfume. Demanding wives and mothers, sisters and cousins will dream up ways to trick you into skirts and punish you in pretty pink panties, while whores and sluts masquerading as strong, arrogant men will be compelled to undergo forced feminization, assuming the clothing and the habits of the opposite sex until their womanliness cannot be disputed.

Perhaps you will be welcomed with delicate china cups and afternoon tea with lace and white gloves, leaving traces of your pink lipstick on the white porcelain? The sweet fragrance of your perfume will be floating about you as the rustle of your skirts and the hiss of your nylons reminds you of your transformation and dainty femininity.

Perhaps you will enrol yourself as a student and learn from our transformative experts how to perfect your erotic look, sensually apply your makeup, gracefully display your feminine mannerisms and move sensuously in flowing skirts and high heels, or if you have been forcibly feminised you may find yourself mincing in ultra high heels and short short skirts behind your Mistress as She displays Her new sissy to the other Kastle Mistresses.

Every variety of cross-dressing adventure is provided and excitedly enjoyed at the Kastle.