Corporal punishment and discipline

The hissing thwack of the cane as it whistles through the air to land upon a hapless slave’s buttocks is a common sound at The Kastle, as is the slap of a flogger striking a slave tied to a bench of flogging horse, or thrown across Mistress’s firm thighs. If you require a mild spanking for being a naughty boy, or a prolonged and merciless punishment for your gravest sins; if you need training to properly obey commands, or to break your unmerited arrogance, your penance and obedience will be guaranteed following a visit to the Kastle. In the dungeon you may trust that your Mistress will demand your absolute compliance with Her every whim, and will discipline you to the last ounce of your endurance, deaf to your cries other than to find them the sweet music accompanying the rhythmic application of your allotted punishment. The pained shrieks of slaves, or their methodical counting of the strokes of the cane or flogger gracing their naked hides, are music to our demanding and tireless Mistresses. Serious miscreants are punished without mercy, their bottoms red-striped from Mistress’s hard work, while mischievous little boys are left blubbering having learned their painful lessons.