Adult baby

Our Mummies will be showing all the baby boys and girls a wonderful time in the nursery. Mummy loves Her handsome baby boys and Her pretty baby girls, who She dresses in fluffy pink party dresses and pretty pink petticoats that tickle their knees and fluff out their skirts.

Mummy makes sure that Her babies are wearing their nappies and plastic panties and their soft little bottoms are powdered and dry. And if they don’t behave like proper young Ladies and Gentlemen should, then they find themselves bent over Her knee with their pretty panties pulled down to their ankles and Mummy’s hand spanking their naughty behinds.

But if they behave themselves then our Mummy cuddles them and reads them stories and fusses over them. She loves to see Her babies peacefully sucking at Her breast, greedily gulping down Mummy’s milk while She strokes their hair and tells them magic stories about Firemen and Princesses before putting them gently to bed. Mummy is understanding of course and also caters to those bottle-fed babies out there, so none go hungry in our nursery.

When it’s time to lay down to sleep, Mummy makes sure that even the most naughty babies – especially the naughty babies – are properly ready, opening their nappies and exposing their bottoms for a very close inspection to be sure all their boy and girl baby parts are clean, their soft bottoms powdered, before placing them in their cots, and comforting them perhaps with a dummy, perhaps again with more time at the breast, when those bedtime tears inevitably fall.

Mummy has a huge array of props and accessories to fulfil your every adult baby and age play scenario. From baby boy and girl clothes, toys and books to nappies (both cloth and disposable). She even has a full size adult baby Highchair!

You should visit your Mummy at the Kastle before your bedtime. But make sure your hands are clean and your hair is brushed or you’ll be in for it!